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Preschool they made crafts. It's work book projects



  (Ms. Abbasi's class (Grade 1 and 2




 (doing work abd checking in group , Ms. Taheri's class (Grade 1 & 2




Our English class 
We have learned how to write the letter Aa & Bb correctly and the words which start with these letters... We have also learned to name the things which needed for the classroom




Our English class

We listened to some beautiful stories and painted their scenes 
Then we played pantomime with the new words we had learned



Our English class 
Our teacher randomly gave us word cards and we wrote a story with the words in our groups and read it to everyone and asked them questions about our stories


Our English class 
We made our puppets & wrote a story & conversation for them in our groups
then we played it in the class and had lots of fun together  (Grade 3& 4)



Our English class 
As a group, we read a story book together then

we talked about our opinions and asked questions and discussed about it

(Grade 5& 6 , Ms. Javahery)


Our English class 
We did a worksheet together 
we wrote about autumn and talked about it in the class &


Team work,  Ms . TAHERI'S CLASS,  grade 1& 2


Preschool, we learn the name of some toys like

puzzle  and we made puzzle to, Ms. Abbasi

Preschool,it was work books  project,we have to made our selves

(Ms . Abbasi)


 we learn about clothes and wear clothes to little and cute mouse

  (Grade 5 , Ms. Abbasi)


We try to draw a animal's family in the group 

(Team work was our goal (Preschool Ms. Abbasi 


( we decorated tissue box  (Grade 5, Ms. Abbasi 


( they talk about good things for health (Grade 3,4 , Ms. Abbasi 



Our English class 

Our teacher gave 5 cards to each group randomly and we write a story with those words (Grade 5&6 Ms. Javaher)


Our English class Practicing new words with (hangman) game 

(Grade 3/4 Ms.Javaher )


Our English class

We are working on our writing skills 
(Grade 5-6 Ms.Javaheri)


Our English class 
We are hunting the letters 
(Grade 2 Ms.Javaheri)


Shopping festival in English


Ms.Taheri's class, G.1st. making handcraft


Well-done for your hard work with a great teacher

G.1st., Ms. Taheri's class


Our active students in online class 

Bravo girls 


Our English class Playing pantomimes 
Grade 2 Ms.Javaheri


Grade 5th  we have new teachers


Ms. Abbasi's online classes grade 3-5 


Ms. Javaheri's online class, grade 2


?Can you write a proper question for an answer
Grade 5-6  Ms.Javaheri' clas


And sometimes we have to hold our classes online

 but we learn a lot that way as well
Grade 2 Ms.Javaheri


Color & sing 
Grade 2 Ms.Javaheri


Playing pantomime is always fun especially when it’s in english 
Grade 5-6 Ms. Javaheri


Ms. Abbasi's online classes,  preschool


Learning is fun 
Grade3-4 Ms.Javaher


Online class   

Ms. Abbasi  Grade 1& 2


Ms. Taheri Online class. Grade 1& 2



Our snowy class
We talked about our snowy memories 
And we draw the map of our town and talk about our favorite places in our town. Ms. Javaheri , grade 2 


Our English class 
Letter game 
Ms.Javaheri Grade 2


Preschool online class,  Ms  Abbasi 


Our English class 
We are learning how to read the clock
Ms.Javaheri. Grade 3-4


Our English class
?What do you want to be in the future
Ms.Javaheri .Grade 2


Our English class 
A journey into space 
Ms.Javaheri. Grade 5-6



Our English class 
Healthy Food or junk food
Ms.Javaheri .Grade 2


We try to write a  text  with the  new words that we learned

Grade 5th , Ms. Abbasi 


Now we know  the name of weather and make the craft

Grade 4th, Ms. Abbasi 


We watched animation and worked on the new word that we learned

Grade1,2, Ms. Abbasi 


Our English class 
Now we know how to write a recipe in English 
And we had a quality time with each other and ate the delicious cakes we baked 
Ms.Javaheri Grade 5-6



Our English class
Here are our flip books for our dream jobs
I can talk about my favorite job 
Ms.Javaheri Grade 3-4 



Practicing dictation

Grade 3 & 4, Ms. Taheri


 Doing worksheet together

Grade 5 & 6


 Practicing writing about The snowy day 

Grade 3 & 4, Ms. Taheri